Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hospital Hospitality

Hospitals are not known as fun places to be, yet they can have some pleasant aspects.

During a three-day stay at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo several years ago. I found the staff to be friendly and ultra considerate as they pumped needed oxygen into my body. The food was so good, I tried to talk the head nurse into letting me stay one more day when discharge was contemplated.

Recently, blogging buddy Ronni Bennett whose site "Time Goes By" has thousands of readers, provided us with detailed accounts of her encounter with hospital life as she recovered from a major operation. Ronni said a week in a hospital could be just the thing for overly-stressed executives. "They do absolutely everything for you, taking care of every personal and private need," she said.

I would add one thing to Ronni's tongue-in-cheek suggestion--demand that the hospital assign a room in the maternity ward for any executive rest and rehabilitation.

This spring, beautiful wife Sandy spent more than a hour having some of her internal plumbing rearranged by a surgeon at Borgess. A night's stay in the hospital was part of the recovery plan.

When son Lee and I learned the operation had been completed successfully, we got a surprise concerning the room arrangements. We were told the hospital was overcrowded and the only space available for Sandy was in the maternity ward. We wondered how that was going to work with a 70-something patient sharing space designed for new moms.

The attendant said we could visit the patient immediately. We arrived before Sandy and were ushered into the biggest private room I'd ever seen in a hospital. It obviously was intended to comfortably accommodate a fair number of family members who might want to welcome a newborn and hang around for a while. 

When a groggy Sandy was wheeled into the room, the nurse checked us out, grinned broadly,  and announced "It's a boy!" It seems Borgess has added dashes of humor to it's hospitality program.


Kay said...

Oh wow! I'd want to stay at that hospital. I'm trying to remember if I've ever been in a hospital room like that. Nope. Never have. And food? Never like yours.

Rummuser said...

What a way to handle a stressful situation! My topi off to them.

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PiedType said...

I was hospitalized for one night a couple of years ago and was dumbfounded at the size of the private room (all rooms in that hospital are private). It was bigger than my living room. There were several loungers and also a big window seat. And a large whiteboard for nurses' notations. But I just realized, since that was a teaching hospital, the whiteboard was probably for lecture notes, etc., from doctors to students.

It used to be said that every doctor should have to spend a day hospitalized, just to humble them and make them realize what it's like. Don't think that would work anymore.

Dick Klade said...

Pied, the room Sandy occupied in the maternity ward sounds very similar to the one you had for your overnight stay

Dick Klade said...

Ramana: Enjoyed your "Much Ado About Nothing" post at the link you provided. Good punchline!

joared said...

Lucky wife getting such a big room, but glad nurse's prouncement didn't give you a heart attack. Maternity rooms sure weren't like that in hospitals I was in, but guess times have changed over the years.