Monday, July 03, 2017

Let's Just Celebrate the Fourth on the Fourth

The Fourth of July always has been a big deal wherever we lived, and well it should be as a celebration of the day a group of fearless colonists risked their lives to declare independence from Great Britain in 1776. Fireworks on the Fourth, especially as darkness falls, are a traditional part of the festivities that I enjoy.

Only in the last few years have explosions from firecrackers and rocket launches been heard nightly in our area starting June 29 or 30 and continuing throughout the week of the Fourth. Because darkness falls around 10 p.m. this time of year, early risers have trouble getting in a peaceful night's sleep with all the noise that often extends to midnight and beyond. This makes the level of irritation over this extension of what should be a one-day observance of an historic date far more vexing than the concerns many have about starting the Christmas holiday season before Thanksgiving.

What's next--starting early and celebrating New Years until January Fourth or Fifth  because getting thoroughly inebriated one eve a year is so much fun the experience ought to be extended?

Have a Happy Fourth! And may all your other days this summer be pleasant and peaceful without interruptions from unwanted big bangs.


Rummuser said...

We used to celebrate the 4th of July as well in my family, it being the wedding anniversary of our parents. My son was born on the 3rd of July and my parents always claimed that it was the best anniversary gift that they ever received.

Happy independence day to you.

Mary said...

Yes we are pretty much a consumer driven society and with the 4th, I sometimes get concerned about the potential for fires in neighborhoods that are in drier climates.
I think today, the founders would be rolling over in their graves, if they could see the "state" of our country at present.😥😥

PiedType said...

Yep, "holiday creep" is extending Independence Day to Independence Week, and at the rate my neighbors are going, it will soon be Independence Month. Never mind that the city has strict (but seemingly unenforced) laws against the possession or use of fireworks of any kind. After this year there will probably be a new law making Independence Day the first Monday in July, just to ensure everyone gets their 3-day holiday weekend.

In this neighborhood alone we have PTSD veterans, terrified dogs (including mine), a child with a panic disorder, and easily startled elders like me. So far no fires, but I'll never forget the one in OKC decades ago when a single bottle rocket landed on a roof and 6 or 7 homes burned.

Nevertheless, Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay safe.

Dick Klade said...

Pied: You point out several things associated with excessive fireworks that are much more important than the interference with sleep I noted. It seems ridiculous that we
now associate rewards for vets (I just had lunch at Applebee's getting a 30 percent off vets appreciation discount) and "reward" those with PTSD problems with noises that will pose extreme difficulties for many of them. I'm OK with fireworks one day a year, which allows those who will be negatively affected to plan some sort of protection for themselves, but expanding the time when "big bangs" are acceptable just is not right.

joared said...

We had sparklers when I was young -- also caps. Years later when my children young, and they were still legal, we had a few here we set off only on the 4th in an open concrete covered area -- none of those that went into the sky. Now, our community and many of the surrounding cities have planned firework displays in a designated area people can attend. There are no firework stands selling them and any fireworks discharged are illegal. There can be violators since people do transport fireworks from cities where fireworks are legal. I heard very few fireworks this year other than those on the 4th at the stadium where the show was being held. Seems I recall hearing more in years past. I guess we were lucky, 'cause other communities in our Southern California Los Angeles area had some of the problems described by others in comments here. Local TV news has reported numerous incidents of children and adults who have had physical injuries from playing with fireworks -- fingers lost, facial injury. There was at least one house shown in the news where they had a shed out back filled with illegal fireworks, not even from certified manufacturers so even less safe. The family was selling them.

Dick Klade said...

Until 2012 Michigan law banned sales and use by individuals of the more powerful fireworks. However, many probably otherwise law-abiding citizens bought the big bangers in Indiana and we had many illegal and unwanted noises. Apparently, our conservative legislators decided the money from sales might as well come here and the law was repealed. Since then, more than 40 attempts to modify or repeal the new law have failed because the many problems associated with indiscriminate use of fireworks have increased. Seems like just another case of greed overwhelming common sense.

Kay said...

Our 4th isn't too noisy. It's our New Years in Hawaii that is pretty chaotic and LOUD with tons of illegal firecrackers and fireworks going off around the islands.