Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why Are We Surprised?

Beautiful wife Sandy and I had just finished marveling at the latest revelation that our undistinguished president of the United States cheats during his frequent golf games. I headed out into the real world to run a few errands in our nearby small city. Small-town folks have a reputation as being good guys. Most in our part of the world also are political conservatives.

I spotted a parking space near the entrance of my first stop and started to pull into it. I didn't pull very far. A small auto was parked about halfway into the space and also into the adjacent space, leaving only enough room for a bicycle or motorcycle in either area. I muttered #@*&, and parked a considerable hike away from my destination.

Upon leaving, I dutifully waited at a three-way-stop intersection until all was clear. Or so I thought.
As I pulled into the road, a middle-aged gent in a yellow convertible sailed through the red stop sign in his lane. He didn't even slow down as he missed me by a scant six inches. After I stopped trembling, I muttered &^#% and cautiously proceeded.

I needed just one item at the next stop, a large supermarket. The market was busy, but many checkout stations were open including one featuring a large sign that said, "Twelve or Fewer Items Only." Ah, said I as I carried  my single purchase to that station.  Alas, I was forced to wait impatiently as the older "gentleman" ahead of me watched the cashier check his 36 items (yes, I counted them; I had plenty of time). When it was my turn, I observed, "At least I have 12 items or less." The cashier simply smiled.

Almost a majority of  eligible Americans voted for Donald Trump, and many of us have wondered how on earth they could select an unprincipled egomaniac as the nation's leader. Perhaps the Trumpists among us simply favored someone who reflects  their own #^&*^@ behavior. 


joared said...

Excellent point! I've been at a loss to understand how so many people could support a candidate whose morals and ethics are counter to everything they stay they stand for -- whose actions are counter to their best interests and the words he speaks. Perhaps they're too focused on self to notice.

Rummuser said...

Not being an American, I refrain from commenting, but I assure you that I can ask similar questions and give similar examples in our great nation as well. Humans everywhere are the same.

PiedType said...

For a number of years I've observed, with great sadness, the coarsening of our society in both language and behavior, the growing disdain for norms, manners, consideration of and respect for others. Trump has long epitomized such behavior (and worse) and was supported by those who think it either inconsequential or acceptable. He also benefited greatly from having an opponent that many Americans despise. I hope his falling ratings are an indication that, belatedly, those who voted for him are finally realizing their mistake.

Kay said...

I just read your post to my husband and that just started him on repeating his pet peeve about people in check out lines with more than what the limits called for. As for Trump... arrrgghhhh! His response to Charlottesville showed his colors. Those Neo-Nazis are his base.