Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Just signed checks to pay our state and federal income taxes. One television comedian was right when he said, "Taxation with representation isn't much fun, either."

Monday, April 09, 2007

Cold Off the Press

Oops. A couple of friends have accused me of negligence for failing to announce here the completion of a project that kept me out of other mischief for nearly two years. So, to make things right, here's the pertinent poop.

Building a Research Legacy: The Intermountain Station 1911-1997, by Richard J. Klade, actually was completed three months ago. However, bureaucratic haggling among the publisher's minions and financing snafus prevented copies from rolling of the presses until just now. Attempts were made to fill some of the 259 pages with accounts (and photos) of people and events somewhat more interesting than those in many dull histories. So it might be worth a look.

The book can be viewed or printed out at two web locations:

www.fs.fed.us/rm/pubs/rmrs_gtr184.html offers a way to order a CD or paper copy. There is no charge for a disc or copy, and no shipping charges. Who says there's no free lunch?

www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/pubs/25206 lets a reader view or download the document, and also offers the chance to evaluate the book. If you do that, please be kind!

To order a paper copy or CD direct from the publisher, ask for Building a Research Legacy, RMRS-GTR-184. Provide your name and complete mailing address.

Telephone an order to: (970) 498-1392

Fax an order to: (970) 498-1122

E-mail an order to: rschneider@fs.fed.us

Snail mail an order to:

Publications Distribution
Rocky Mountain Research Station
240 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Or, if you are among the masses who probably are not intensely interested in getting a look or a copy, but like alternative methods, put a note in an old bottle and toss it into the nearest major body of water. That seldom works, but is interesting and can be a good test of your throwing arm.