Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Birth of This Blog

How could I resist? An AARP magazine article said that although only 5 percent of the millions of bloggers were seniors (I prefer "mature adults"), the number of oldsters was growing rapidly. I had to learn what this was all about. As the magazine recommended, I checked the blog created by Mort Reichek, an 81-year-old retired journalist who formerly wrote for such national media as Business Week and Forbes.

Reichek's musings were, or course, well written. They also were fascinating. After exchanging e-mails with him, mostly to see if the system worked as advertised, I was hooked. Reichek sees his blog as a creative outlet that also has provided a welcome network of pen pals.

Reichek "publishes" good stuff. Sometime back, one pundit advanced the opinion that the advent of the internet gave "vast numbers of people the opportunity to create vast amounts of junk."

I hope my meager efforts will fall into the "good stuff" bin more often than the "junk" box.


Mortart said...

Thanks for plugging my blog, "www.octogenarian.blogspot.com."

Ron Southern said...

Word gets around, doesn't it?

Mike said...

Hey Dick -- I finally tracked you down! I've been traveling to Kalamazoo from St. Paul for the past 3+ years, as my daughter Liz is on the Western Michigan gymnastics team. Never knew I was in your backyard. I retire from the FS on 1/1/10. I'll be in KZOO again in January. Let's grab a beer!

Mike Prouty