Sunday, June 21, 2009

Health Food

Constantly seek the truth, and you shall find it. The author of the “Flat Belly Diet” recommends olives as containing monounsaturated fatty acids, iron, vitamin E, copper, and fiber. The fiber helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Eating only a few at a time is suggested, because olives have mega calories.

I subscribe to this great wisdom. At regular intervals, I surround two small olives with several ounces of cheap gin and a dash of expensive vermouth. The drink should be stirred, not shaken. (Agent 007 may have been a 10 with women, but as a connoisseur of martinis he was a zero.) After sipping the drink until it is depleted, make another and ingest it.

Four olives consumed in this manner invariably make me happy as well as healthy.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Makes perfect sense to me, Dick.
. . . and no animals were harmed.
Here's to a healthy new you :-) [ching, ching]


Dick Klade said...

Thanks, 58. It should be healthy stuff. After all, I've survived six James Bonds! Cheers, Dick