Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Kindness of a Stranger

A few weeks ago, “Alan G” commented on one of my posts about the Green Bay Packers. It seems, in the 1970s, he worked with a rabid Packers fan who became a close friend. Alan thought he still might have a poem he wrote about his friend’s football mania, and perhaps also a green and gold matchbook his pal had given him.

The poem was not to be found, but the matchbook turned up. After an e-mail to get our address, Alan mailed it to me from his home in Arkansas. It has joined my small trove of special possessions. The matchbook is in the shape of a helmet, with the Pack’s 1970 home schedule printed inside. It’s pretty well preserved. Most of the matches remain intact.

Careless internet users can have bad experiences. But consider the miracle of a medium that put me in touch with a man who went far beyond what anyone would expect in searching out and bestowing a special gift on someone he had never met.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if each of us made similar efforts to bring even small bits of pleasure to strangers whenever we could?

(Alan G produces a blog worth visiting at Perhaps not quite coincidentally, he recently posted a two-part message describing the real Santa Claus.)

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season, Alan G, and to all who read this post. May you live long and prosper, and be kind to each other.


Alan G said...

Well gosh Dick, thanks so much for the kind words. And certainly I hope you enjoy the little Green Bay Packer treasure. I was actually thrilled when I ran across you because I knew a Packer fan could appreciate the matchbook and given its current owner at the time, once I was gone to Cemeteryville it would simply find its way to a trash can.

I did go back and look one more time for the infamous poem but fear I must have accidently put it in the “throw away” pile when sorting through old papers.

My best to you and your family during this Holiday Season also!

Kay Dennison said...

I read Alan's blog, too, I agree with your assessment of it.

And yeah, as the grandaughter/niece of a bunch of Wisconsin dairy farmers, you can bet I am a Packers fan. Being a born and bred NE Ohioan, I never quite give up hope for the Browns but don't worry about it. Thank God the Buckeyes win a lot!

TechnoBabe said...

Nice gesture, and nice post. It is fun meeting various bloggers and finding so many big hearts online.
Reminds us we all are connected as we share this planet.