Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wofford, Wonderful

Who would have thought teams representing those two evenly matched collegiate athletic powerhouses, Wofford College (enrollment 1,400) and the University of Wisconsin (enrollment 40,000), would clash twice in the same school year?

The first game, a disgusting example of greed-based football scheduling, was a blowout Badger win as expected (see 9/20/09 post, “Wofford, Woeful"). The Terriers pocketed a bunch of cash and took their bruised bodies and egos back to Spartanburg, SC. There was no glory in it for either school.

This week was a different story.

NCAA handicappers arranged the meeting of the two mighty Ws in the opening round of the "March Madness" basketball tournament. Wofford hung in there throughout the contest, actually led by a point in the second half, and finally lost by a mere four points.

This time, no one had anything to be ashamed of.

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