Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Easily Identifiable

The University of Wisconsin colors are cardinal and white. Ohio State University’s colors are red and gray. Thus it was no surprise when announcers for Saturday’s nationally televised football game between the two rivals several times described the scene at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison as a “sea of red.”

Old fraternity pal Thor Thorsen was among the 81,000 spectators. He phoned fellow Sigma Nu Bob Hirsch just before the game started.

Thor said, "You won't have any trouble spotting me at the game if you're watching on TV. I'm wearing a red shirt."


joared said...

Look for the red -- funny!

I thought you'd have more to say about that Wisconsin - Ohio State game. My husband, his OSU cronies, probably including Woody Hayes, have been pounding the rain clouds over my So. Cal. home ever since the game ended. I'm sure they're making the point that their Monday morning quarterbacking could have prevented this calamity.

Dick Klade said...

I've seen OSU whack Wisconsin so many times, I don't like to say much to rile Buckeyes up. One of my old golfing buddies (about 30 years worth), Jim Kessler, flys an Ohio State flag at all times. He brings it down to half-staff for a week after one of those infrequent losses.

Jim knew Woody Hayes quite well, and at one time provided some financial support to the Buckeye program.