Monday, November 08, 2010

Who’s Team?

Claims by Dallas Cowboys’ fans supported by many television announcers that the Texas club is “America’s Team” long have rankled Green Bay Packers’ fans.

We think our 100,000 stockholders spread across the nation entitle us to that title. We also think many more people in many places without an ownership stake root for the Green and Gold week after week, seeing our heros as the classic small-town guys up against the big-city slickers.

The fact that the Cowboys have notched so many victories against the Packers rankles even more. It just didn’t seem fair that our hired guns were out maneuvered so often by theirs, and it happened more than once in recent years when playoff advancement was at stake.

Sandy and I have not been south of the border for some time, but we once were frequent visitors. Cowboys’ uniform replica shirts and t-shirts were everywhere. Mexican youths seldom were seen in clothing featuring Packers’ insignia. We never met a Packers’ stockholder in Mexico, except for fellow tourists.

It’s doubtful the situation has changed much, although there probably are some residual green and gold number 4’s still hanging around in Cabo, Cozumel, and points in between. Most Packers’ fans have disowned that guy, anyway, so shirts honoring Old No. 4 shouldn't count.

After Sunday night’s 45-7 thrashing in Green Bay of the boys from Texas is it fair to say “America’s Team” finally crushed “Mexico’s Team?”

How sweet it was.


Anonymous said...

The old saying “Once a Green Bay Fan always a Green Bay Fan” certainly applies to us. I watched and savored the game to the end. Joe Michaels (a favorite of mine) commented in the early part of the fourth quarter that Green Bay had the game in the bag. He noted, however, that in most venues the fans would start leaving early, but not in Green Bay! They stayed to the end. That makes all the difference in my way of thinking and tells the whole story. Lest we forget the legacy, the Superbowl Trophy is named after America’s team coach par excellence.
It can’t get any better than that!

richard said...

The Dallas as a national team got started in the 1960s and 1970s because they played late afternoon games, after everyone else had finished. Sort of like the Atlanta Braves on the old WTBS. Everyone could see them. The Packers have never had that kind of marketing, probably because they are in a small market. Don't forget the 1967 Ice Bowl and the Packers came from behind victory over the Cowboys, 21-17.

Alan G said...

Saw this post shortly after you posted it and wanted to say a few words – was busy at that moment but told myself I would return shortly. At my age anything over a day or two and you have violated that commitment. Anyway….

Living here in Little Rock it seems the Dallas Cowboys have always been the team to support. I am clueless as to why, just as you are puzzled at their “America’s Team” designation. I have just always assumed they were popular here because Dallas was the closest of any of the surrounding professional teams. I suppose the Titans are just as close but they came along much later. And the Rams are a bit of a stretch although my parents were huge Cardinal baseball fans. Apparently there must have been some deadline we had to meet when choosing a team to support. I personally can’t stand ‘um and that’s a bit ironic because if you have a team close to where you live it seems somewhat logical I suppose that you would adopt them. In my case you would think I would be a Cowboy fan because Jerry Jones and I went to the same high school and were in the same graduating class. And it might amaze some but he is quite personable and a likable fellow. Even that, however, was not enough to sway me. In fact, he attended our 50th high school reunion this past August and seem to go out of his way to chat briefly with just about everyone.

For me however, I suppose I first saddled up with the Atlanta Falcons back in the late sixties when I was living and working in Atlanta – and watching the games free if you recall that story in one of my older posts on my blog! Then a few years later I met and worked with the infamous Gene Collins, a Green Bay resident and fervent fan needless to say I eventually came to like the team and suppose they still are my team. Being around a Green Bay fan for any length of time can be infectious.

Speaking of my parents earlier, they were fans of the St. Louis Cardinals for quite a while and then we stopped getting their games here locally on tv for some reason. Within a short time they had become Atlanta Brave fans and were even going to Atlanta to watch some of the games. Go figure!! :)

Dick Klade said...

Alan . . .Interesting about your link to Jerry Jones. He surely does not appear to be a "hail fellow well met" in many of his public appearances, but it seems the personas of many famous folks are different in their personal and public lives.

My only personal link to the Cowboys was in 2003. I met Dave Campo, who had recently been fired as head coach, in, of all places, a barbershop in Mystic, Connecticut. He talked to all present for about a half hour and was very friendly. Campo was from that area, and the barber who owned the place had cut his hair many times. The barber got a big hug from Campo when the coach came in.

What you say about how people become fans of various sports teams also was interesting. Think I'll try writing a post on that subject. Thanks for the idea.

JHawk23 said...


Not directly related to this, but based on your earlier comments regarding one Mr. Favre, I'm sure you will enjoy the following item if you haven't already seen it:

Gabbygeezer said...

That article is right on, JHawk. Thanks. Go Redskins!