Friday, May 25, 2012

Here Come De Judge

Yeah, I know. Don’t cast the first stone.  But I couldn’t resist commenting on this CNN News report:

“After spending eight weeks in jail, Orange County Court Judge Robert Freehill ordered Vega to return the $13,368.48 she gained in gifts and donations while posing as terminally ill.”

What would the judge have ordered if he had spent 12 weeks in jail?


JHawk23 said...

Sadly basic grammar no longer seems to be a requirement, or even a desideratum, for employment as a cub reporter these days.

Now, if it were Chicago, we might be more likely to assume that the reporter actually got the clause correct...

schmidleysscribblins, said...

I haven't kept up with this story, so I can't answer your question. In fact, I have difficulty understanding it. Was the judge in jail for 8 weeks? Isn't something dangling here?


joared said...

Sammy Davis, Jr. on "Laugh-In" -- "Here Cum De Judge" had me ROTFLOL!

About this judge,,...who knows?