Thursday, October 31, 2013


My beautiful wife dressed to greet callers.  Oh, horrors!

4 comments: said...

And the truth outs…you are married to an old witch!!

Dick Klade said...

Actually, Dianne, a very pretty lady, but well-disguised in this portrait.

Kay said...

I am just loving your beautiful wife's hat! Wow! That is so fabulous. If I was still teaching I'd wear that to school. Your wife is not only beautiful but full of fun! That's great!

Interestingly, my granddaughter's school in Illinois has gotten rid of anything Halloween. It's called Fall festival instead. Halloween things have been banned and no sugary treats. Some parents are resisting, but I think it's fine. I remember the gobs of sugary treats my students brought home for Halloween and then went out for more during trick or treating.

Bill Hamilton said...

Your recent blogs (singing in church, Hallowe'en) both got my memories going again.

I quit trying to sing in church about 10 years ago. I never was very good, but my voice about wore out some time ago. When anyone mentions my refusal to sing, my retort is that I am fearful someone will call 911 if I try singing again!

Your wife in Hallowe'en garb reminds me that we've not had tricks or treaters very often since we moved to Florida. To the best of our recollections, we've had no more than six calls for treats in the 14 years we've lived in this house. We live in a community for the aging!

Keep up your good work!