Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Life Lesson 2

My father played cards very well at bridge, skat (a game of German origin), and poker tables. He won a lot more than he lost. Dad seldom gave me advice, but he did caution me about poker several times:

"If you walk into a strange place and are invited to join the poker game, don't. At least two people at the table are smarter than you."

These people are not interested in your financial health


Tom Sightings said...

Good advice! I play poker once a month, and I'm pretty sure there are five guys at the table smarter than I am. Fortunately, we play for low stakes ... and thus remain friends.

In all other aspects of life, I hope there are only two smarter than me. But you usually never know until it's too late.

Alan G said...

Likewise I agree... sounds like very sound financial advice to me.

Anonymous said...

I love card games. Migrated from hearts, to Pinnocle to Bridge. I have played poker, in the distant past. David's grandfather shot a man dead over a poker game. Happened in NYC in the nineteenth century.