Thursday, September 11, 2014

Outsmarted by a Phone

About eight years ago as a daylight savings time change approached,  a fellow Forest Service retiree told me of his tactic to remove any doubts about which way to reset his clocks. He bought two cheapo watches--one set on standard time, the other on daylight savings time. He merely switched them on change days and used his wristwatch as a guide to reset all other timing devices in his household.

I already owned a cheap wristwatch. I found a duplicate at Walmart on sale for $5.00 (sometimes that place is worth visiting). Ever since, I have kept one on standby in a dresser drawer until it was
So they're two minutes off. Who cares now that they're obsolete?
restored to service when we gained or lost an hour moving from standard to daylight time, or vice versa.

The switcheroo worked equally well moving between eastern time at our Michigan home and central time in often-visited Wisconsin. My son and I took that trip this summer. I decided to brag a little and made a show of trading watches as we were about half way across Lake Michigan on a ferry.  Lee said, "Oh, but time changes aren't any problem."

"How so?" I asked.

"My smart phone automatically makes the adjustment. I just tap the time ap."

Time and technology once again have marched on. One of my favorite schemes has been rendered obsolete.  Anybody want to buy two watches used only about half a year each throughout their lifetimes?


Tom Sightings said...

Clever story makes me realize that time and technology wait for no man. said...

I despise the time change. It does nothing but wreck my sleep. I hated it when I was commuting too. In winter, I left home and returned in the dark.
Yes, technology changes most of the clocks around here too. Good thing as I would never know what time it was.

Dick Klade said...

Dianne: I'm right with you in my dislike of the time changes. Lots of pain for very little gain. Think time has proved this is a bummer of an idea. Time to do away with it.

Big John said...

If it's "Daylight Saving Time". Where is it stored while it's being saved ?

Kay said...

That's one nice thing about Hawaii. No time change. :-) I do have to remember what the time change is in Chicago, D.C. and L.A. when we call family there though.