Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Democrat Voted with Democrats. Duh.

I intended to comment on the proliferation of lies and misrepresentations in television ads leading up to Tuesday's election. However, so many unsupportable statements were advanced  that I simply couldn't muster the energy to do the topic justice.

Although selecting the biggest lie, or biggest liars, would have been a daunting task, picking the dumbest statement is no problem at all.

Early in Michigan's seemingly endless campaign for governor, an ad blared over and over, "Schauer voted with Obama and Democrats 95 percent of the time."

Mark Schauer is a Democrat. Which party might we expect him to vote with? The Libertarians?

Perhaps recognizing that at least a few Michigan voters have an iota of intelligence, someone in the Republican campaign finally realized how stupid this message is. The ad disappeared from the airways. That was perhaps the most positive thing that has happened during the campaign.

But to prove stupidity dies hard, the same message just arrived in my mailbox. Only the pamphlet says the Democrat voted with Democrats 96 percent of the time. Wonder who came up with that added 1 percent? I was thinking about voting for the Republican. Now I wonder.


Tom Sightings said...

Kinda funny, but if that's the worst you have in your electoral process, you're doing pretty well. You should live in New York where, if you believe the ads, everyone is lying, everyone is hiding, and it's all about the money.

Anonymous said...

In Virginia, our very well liked Senator is destined to be re-elected. A Democrat and one of the gang of six, he worked hard with his Republican partners, like Tom Coburn to bring law and order back into the federal government. Unfortunately, his moderate approach is rejected by partisans from other states. Mark Warner was our governor and before that a businessman. Left-wing nuts in the Democrat party have never liked him. But he is the best, and the only kind of politician who can get us out of the stalemate in Washington, D. C.

Given the tight race in Michigan, I hope whoever wins can work toward the center, which will mean ignoring Harry Reid a bit of the time.

PiedType said...

Things have been really hot in Colorado, a battleground state. Our Democratic incumbent, Mark Udall, voted with Obama 99% of the time! Gasp The ads have gotten worse and worse as Election Day approaches (even though everyone gets a mail-in ballot and reportedly about half the votes are already in). Charges of "liar," "sleazy," etc. are flying. In one ad, a local man comes within a hair of calling our incumbent Democratic governor a murderer. The worst ads are coming from out-of-state organizations (Koch brothers), which the candidates themselves cannot control. It's a damn shame, because I'm afraid it's going to cost Udall the election. Meanest, dirtiest campaign I've ever seen.

Dick Klade said...

Most pundits in Michigan think our race for senator will go to the Democrat and the Republican governor and congressman in our district will be reelected. We'll soon see.

Anonymous said...

I'm in California this week and dodging the mud-slinging is the state sport.

The good news is that contemporary elections are not nearly as bad as those in the nineteenth century when bullets were flying. Also to pied above, the Dems have their wealthy donors too. The issue is not one set of right-wing brothers, but rather should we allow some people to have a bigger say than others. Unions are also huge contributors.

Alan G said...

Yea, we got the same damn ad running down here, just different names. However, I have to say that our incumbent Democratic Senator has only voted Democratic 93% of the time so I would say, based on most of the numbers posted here, Senator Mark Pryor is obviously bi-partisan! :)