Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Strategy, Lefties

Ultra-liberal Democrats over the past several months have focused on discrediting Sarah Palin, while she busily cashes in on her popularity with the Tea Party by promoting a profitable book, appearing on her own television show, collecting paychecks from Fox News, and accepting hefty public appearance fees.

Actually, any sort of liberal nowadays is either a Democrat or an Independent. When relics such as Senator Olympia Snowe move on, which will be soon, there will be no place in the Republican Party for anyone who is not a conservative of one stripe or another. Already, there is darn little room for the more moderate conservatives.

What a change from the days of my youth. The Republican Party was born in Wisconsin (at Ripon). I also was born in Wisconsin. My progressive Republican parents hated any government waste of taxpayer dollars, and they had equal disdain for the Democratic Party, especially its members of Congress from the “solid South” who fought vigorously against civil rights legislation. My parents backed public education, anti-trust legislation, and tolerance of all in religious matters, including those who had no religious beliefs.

We seem to have turned 180 degrees. Republicans started the trend that has given us the biggest federal government deficits in history. They have blocked, or tried to block, any advances in social justice. They have undermined public education with policies designed to aid alternatives. They have removed restrictions on business consolidations, thus curtailing the very competition they give lip service to. Conservative religions are A-OK with the GOP, but those with other views are vilified as un-American.

Democrats, who earlier included our worst bigots, nominated an African-American for president. They restricted government excesses and produced the only federal budget surpluses in recent years. They more recently passed legislation to restore some semblance of control over financial institutions that were running amok and nearly caused a world-wide depression with their actions. They back many social programs abhorred by conservative religionists. Sixty years ago, most members of conservative Christian churches were Democrats.

And now, the Democrats, last haven for liberals in our society, are making a big mistake. They are trying to remove Sarah Palin from the political arena with all manner of criticism at every opportunity. If they’re smart, they’ll rethink that activity.

Sarah Palin is the best thing that has happened to the Democratic Party in a long time. Liberals should stop demonizing her. They need her as a Republican candidate for President in 2012.

There is nothing to stop Palin from running for the Republican nomination except the liberals’ attack strategy. She has enough Tea Party followers to make her a candidate. She can be stopped only if the Demos succeed in portraying her as totally without qualifications to the extent that a large number of the less-rabid conservatives oppose her.

If Palin stays in the running and loses the nomination fight, which is likely, her campaign will have fractured the Republican Party, probably guaranteeing a Democratic victory. What if, against the odds, she were to win the nomination?

Can you image Sarah Palin in a nationally televised debate with Barack Obama? Poor Ms. Palin would look silly when squaring off face-to-face with Mr. Obama to discuss policy issues.

There are more independents, like me, than either Democrats or Republicans. I can tell you right now how most of us would vote after watching the spectacle of Palin trying to match wits with Obama. The vast majority would not favor Mama Grizzly.


Larry said...

good insights and glad to hear that there is is still a progressive Republican out there

Jon said...

You took me back to the days of "good" Republicans and "bad" Democrats. Thanks for the perspective. Unfortunately, the people who need to study and learn this history probably won't.

JHawk23 said...

On Republicans and Democrats - agree completely; it's like the two parties sat down somewhere in a smoke-filled room, kicked off their shoes, and amid all the smoke somehow traded shoes when they left.

As for Palin I agree that long-term, she's the Democrats' secret weapon. Yet wouldn't it be a mistake for progressive critics to fall completely silent? Her fan base will promote her all the more avidly if they think the "socialists" are seriously upset by her.

Dick Klade said...

Good point, JHawk. It would be a mistake for her political opponents to completely ignore Palin. My thought was they should tone it down a bit to avoid the chance they might drive her out of the arena prematurely.

Kay Dennison said...

A progressive Republican? I think that died with Mit's daddy. I am a progressive independent. I hads never voted a straight ticket in my life until this last election. And it made me sad.

My mom is from Princeton -- near Ripon -- and spent part of my summers up there growing up at my grandparents' dairy (what else?) farm. It was great fun for a city kid like me.

Here's a website you might find interesting support for your Palin theory.

joared said...

Good political party summary and interesting Palin theory. I would hope you're correct she could not be elected, but I'm not so confident. I think there might be a swing segment that would vote for her for all the wrong reasons as some I know did in certain of the 21st century elections.