Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Promise 
The right mix for the USA

A Cocktail Party

The American Cocktail Party pledges, in all our activities, to vigorously argue against the policies of our opponents. We promise, however, to refrain from personal attacks on those who do not agree with us. We will discuss programs and proposals, not personal characteristics, and avoid inflammatory language and symbolism.

Now if the leaders of both traditional political parties and commentators on radio and television would join us in this pledge, maybe, just maybe, there would be no more Tucson massacres.

(Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to fellow blogger Ashleigh Burrows, who was shot three times by the perpetrator of the Tucson crimes.)


schmidleysscribblins.wordpress.com said...

I like this post until you got to the part about inflamatory language. Starting yesterday, pols on both sides began arguing about who was more inflamatory (yes, the evidence shows both sides do it).

We Americans have always had inflamatory language in our politics. PBS had a historian on the 1/11/11 newshour confirm this point. She mentioned that the Abolutionists and the Civil War that followed were quite acrimonious. Tome Paine in the Revolution wasn't exactly gentle either.

Sometimes we need to point out inequities. Most importantly, we can't blame politicians for the crazy behaviour of nut cases, especially when there is NO evidence of a link.

My 2 cents. Dianne

PS Otherwise, I admire the CT position on taking a political position and spelling it out for we the people.

Jhawk23 said...

We're on the same wavelength here - I applaud the Cocktail Party's stand.

It's not that we can, or should, blame specific politicians for specific incidents. However we can hold them collectively responsible (both parties), for setting the wrong tone and creating an atmosphere that - whether we have "evidence" or not -our common sense tells us gets the nut cases stirred up.

Kay Dennison said...

Shaken, not stirred of course!

Dick Klade said...

I like everything about Bond, but that. Stirred, not shaken, is much more conducive to delightful sipping

Sightings said...

Sign me up for the Cocktail Party!