Friday, August 12, 2011

Great Start

After a lengthy strike and lockout that angered fans whether they supported the rich players or the even richer owners (except for the Green Bay Packers, who have 110,000 stockholder owners, most of whom are decidedly not rich), one could be pretty sure the start of the National Football League season would be screwed up.

I watched part of the first exhibition game last night on the tube. Not unusual, eh? Well, the show was titled “Monday Night Football.” Last night, of course, was an integral part of Thursday.

Another exhibition game will air this evening. Wonder if  the presentation will be called “Tuesday Night Football?”


schmidleysscribblins, said...

Not a football fan, but happy to see the strike was settled. I don't agree with the unions most of the time these days, but I know the players playing lives are short and they deserve their season. Also, I don't want all those people who watch football out on the streets at any night.

Kay Dennison said...

i'm a fan but the strike always annoy me. I have a problem with one set of millionaires at odds with another set of millionaires. It's hard to be sympathetic with either side. I do like football but I've pretty much given up on the pros and just stick to college ball which at least fakes not being about money. Sigh.

joared said...

Football big in L.A.'s news -- as billionaires fight over where to build a stadium and then how to get an NFL team. Think there's talk about getting San Diego's team. That should cement good public relations between the cities. My husband would have been well-informed in all the particulars to educate me, since I confess to not reading the sports pages which he religiously studied -- especially searching for ANYTHING about the Big Ten which always received short shrift here on the West Coast. Oh well, it's come to be all about money, anyway -- isn't it ? -- or is it the game? Even college football...USC, Ohio State and others, sadly, but nothing new there, really, just public now.