Friday, January 13, 2012

They Pack 'Em In

Perhaps still basking in the glory of last years' Super Bowl title, the Green Bay Packers seem to be moving slightly upscale.  While preparing for Sunday’s playoff game, management announced that volunteers who show up with their shovels to clear the snow away from seating areas will be paid $10 per hour rather than the customary $8.

Not Plush
Lambeau Field is a very nice stadium, but in some cases tradition continues to trump luxury.  The team spent several hundred million dollars on improvements in 1998.  Knowing that, one of my golfing buddies, a Raiders fan, was amazed to learn that most of the Packers faithful are assigned bleacher-type plank seats.  Only relatively small areas of the stadium are equipped with comfortable individual seats with arm rests and backs, such as those found throughout most big-time sports venues.

My friend observed that it might get pretty crowded at Lambeau when the weather dictated wearing heavy coats over multi-layers of clothing.  “What happens if they all sit down at once?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “They never have.”

When I attended the first game at Lambeau Field in 1957, the uncomfortable seats didn't matter to me.  I went solo.  Because of the unused ticket for the seat next to me, I had plenty of room.

For the second game I attended, I had a date with a pretty little Dutch gal.  That was nothing unusual.  At the time, the biggest section in the Green Bay phone book started with V.  The bench seating was just great for snuggling up in the cold weather.  It didn't help, though.  She ditched me a week or so later for a local baseball star.

You can be sure of one thing on Sunday.  Every seat in Lambeau Field, in a luxury box or on a plank, will be filled.  They always are.
No, it's not me. Just a typical geezer warming up for the playoffs.


Alan G said...

Saw a piece on the national news this past week about the snow shoveling and wondered if you were out there trying to pick up a few bucks?

I'll bet that sort of game-day weather ain't good for the beer sales...

schmidleysscribblins, said...

Packer fans are amazing. I sent my grandsons (ages 6 and 10) Packer hats for Christmas. They will be watching the game from sunny San Diego.

David and I will also be watching the game on TV, or Aunt Marge will haunt us. As it is she will be with us tomorrow. I can still see her at age 92, legally blind and sitting a foot from the TV to watch the game.


Sightings said...

We're Giants fans. B's best friend hails from Wisconsin and is a rabid Packers fan (is there any other kind?). Should be an interesting day!

Kay said...

I think the Bear of them is sitting next to me is still jealous of that Packer win.