Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Real(ty) Misteak

Go to and navigate to the web page listing 200 Golfview Drive, Plainwell, MI 49080.  The main feature at the site is an excellent aerial view of our driveway, complete with turnaround.

It’s an attractive summer scene, but there are a couple of problems. We don’t live at 200 Golfview.  And our driveway is not for sale.

The driveway down the street at 200 Golfview was for sale until just recently for a hefty sum, but the price included a four-bedroom house.  We are relieved that the present status line on the web page picturing our driveway says, “Not for Sale.” 

Come to think of it, if some driveway fancier shows up offering $60,000 or so, we’ll think seriously about making a deal.  Despite focusing from above the wrong property, the photographer produced a pretty picture.  It may entice buyers. If someone else owned our drive, we no longer would have to do all the snow relocation work that occupies a lot of time around here every winter.


JHawk23 said...

High tech doesn't mean accurate tech, I guess.

I've always loved that insurance company ad where the guy is driving, following the authoritative voice of his inboard GPS system, when it tells him to "turn right" and he drives right into a building. Much truth there.

schmidleysscribblins, said...

Do you suppose some realtor was trying to fool some buyer? Hard to imagine this was a mistake.

Dick Klade said...

Right, Diane, this seems an unlikely mistake. However, the property that was for sale included a full wooded lot and an attractive circular drive. I think an aerial photo there would have been more impressive than the one at our place. Thus, it seems the photo was a mistake.

Kay said...

Ooops! I tried to find it, but it's no longer there, I think. Oh shucks! I guess I won't be able to move in near you.

Dick Klade said...

Looks as though they pulled the page the day after my post. Darn--takes some fun out of it, and makes selling our driveway unlikely.

joared said...

I suspect someone purchased your driveway, so better keep your eyes open -- they'll be coming to take possession any day now.