Monday, October 15, 2012

They Rallied Round My Flag

Sports commentators advanced all the usual theories as to why my moribund Green Bay Packers rose up last night to put a pretty good thumping on the previously unbeaten Houston Texans.  The writers and announcers cited better blocking, play calling, pass patterns, and quarterback decisions as reasons for the Packers’ victory.

Proudly it does wave, at least for now.
Nonsense. None of those things had much to do with the win. It was all about my flag.

For the past 10 years, I’ve hoisted a Packers flag after every win. It’s one of several juvenile things I do just because they’re fun. Usually,  the flag stays up until Thursday and then is taken in as we await results of the next contest. Last year, the Pack won so many games in a row I just got tired of the routine and left it up for a month or so.

Late this summer, as part of our never-ending home-improvement project, a painter removed the flag holder beside our garage door so he could refurbish the door frame. He forgot to put it back until just now.

Of course, the absence of my banner struck a serious blow to team morale.  The Packers started the season with only one decent performance before last night.

Now the flag flies again, at least until Thursday. Don’t count our guys out just yet. Incidentally, that big G stands for god—he’s our quarterback.


Little bug said...

Now we have heard it all.....a tall tale?.....or just someone who has too much time on his hands.

Only God knows for sure : )

Little bug

Kay said... that's the secret. You understand we are all Bears fans over here so you've just divulged an important secret we might be able to use.

Dick Klade said...

No need to fret too much about being a Bears fan. It is curable.

JHawk23 said...

No doubt you're right.

In the realm of sports, as Fats Waller used to say, "one never knows, do one?" Seemingly unnoticed small events may play unexpected roles.

I can't attribute this year's surprising winning season by our MLB Nationals to anything I personally did, but I do have serious suspicions that the Nats' loss of their five-game wild-card series against the Cards was caused by the fact that at the first Nats home game in that series, the Teddy Roosevelt avatar won the Presidents' race for the FIRST TIME in history. And thus was cut short their hope for getting to the Big One.

Anonymous said...

Geez Dick. I'm glad you figured the flag thing out! Between your flag and our Packers touch lamp I believe we will have a good shot at the superbowl again this season...See you at Rhinos