Friday, August 29, 2014

Absence Makes the Heart . . .

The geezer never has been much of a fan of poetry, and a few attempts to write in that format have ended in dismal failure. Over the past year of so, however, I've been delighted almost daily by the creations of Marc Leavitt, who posts his work at

Marc occasionally puts together a lengthy work. I enjoy those, but prefer his briefer offerings. He has a gift for conveying a big message in a little poem.

My beautiful wife Sandy has been away for several weeks visiting friends and relatives in Wisconsin. These trips have been an annual event for a long time. Lake Michigan waters permitting, she'll be back in our Michigan home in two days, just in time to celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary. 

Inspired by Mr. Leavitt and the impending occasion and despite my numerous previous failures, I've decided to go for it. I hereby publish my first (and perhaps only) poem:

            Your trip was barely under way
            When life here ceased to be OK
            How many times must I learn
            When you are gone
            I soon yearn for your return


Anonymous said...

He's a poet, and don't know it. Sorry, couldn't resist. Poetry is not my strong suit either.

Dick Klade said...

Well, Dianne, that's better than Aargh! LOL

Marc Leavitt said...

Hi Dick:

Without stooping to platitude,
I want to voice my gratitude!

It was very kind of you to mention me in your post. Many, many thanks!

(and keep on writing poetry!)

Enjoy the day!


Kay said...

I love this! Your beautiful wife, Sandy will absolutely swoon. I agree with Dianne's comment.

Sandy said...

Thank you! I have never had a poem written to me. It is one of the nicest things you have done!

Love, Little Bug

Alan G said...

Great poem Dick! That will look great on your marital resume. If it were me I would seal the deal and get her a Green Bay Packer Cheese Hat on your all's anniversary!!

Dick Klade said...

Thoughtful suggestion, Alan, but I think any cheesy headgear gift would lead to a quickie divorce.