Thursday, August 21, 2014

Golf for the Footloose

Our Lake Doster Golf Course has come up with a new ploy to increase play. Every Sunday afternoon, half the layout is available for a different kind of game. Players need only bring a soccer ball and their feet. They kick their ball around the course much as normal golfers move their small ball around with clubs.

We've lived in homes adjacent to fairways for 35 years, a long time to observe golfers in action. A few of them should be great Footgolf players. They've had lots of practice kicking their ball into an improved position when they thought no one was watching.

Beautiful wife Sandy for several years got special chuckles observing an older man who played the course by himself very early in the morning. He would look around to ensure he was alone, and then drop a ball down the inside of his pants leg into a good spot for his next shot. If it wasn't just right, he improved the lie with a foot nudge or two.

Of course, Footgolf hadn't been invented when the old duffer entertained Sandy by practicing cheating. He would have to wear extremely baggy trousers to be able to drop a soccer ball down one leg. But he might be a champion foot nudger.


Anonymous said...

As a child, I spent 7 years living in a "village" surrounded by a golf course. I loved running on the fairways. The kids in my neighborhood played many games of baseball on those fairways.

Nice to see old duffers can recreate childhood fun with their interesting version of play. Still trying to figure out how dropping a ball down your pants legs improves your game.

Dick Klade said...

Dianne, we also were puzzled by the pants leg move. Best guess was that he was practicing what to do to avoid a penalty anytime he should have declared a lost ball.

Tom Sightings said...

What I don't get is why he was dropping the ball down his pants leg while playing BY HIMSELF! Who's he trying to kid? But I guess there's no human foible that exists that doesn't also exist on the golf course. (Frisbee golf is fun too!)

Alan G said...

I was a golfer for most of my life and truly loved the game. I suppose I have been guilty of my share of lie improvements, especially in my early years. It wasn't my fault I ended up behind a tree sometimes... it was the tree's fault and I'm entitled therefore to a free drop.

Truth is, however that in my later years I seriously began playing the ball from it's actual lie and it actually made the game more fun because it became more challenging.

Dick Klade said...

Tom . . . Believe there's an old saying, "You never know a man until you've played golf with him." Sandy knew enough about this guy so I never would consider pairing up with him.

Alan . . . It's quite a temptation--I may have transgressed a time or two in my early links days and created a better lie with a little nudge. However, I absolutely never dropped a ball down my pants leg or in any other way and yelled, "Hey guys, I found it!"

Anonymous said...

"Foot Golf" ! ... I bet the poor old green keeper shot himself !