Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankfully, All's Well For Us

Where were you when Paris was terrorized? That may well join others on the list of famous "where were you" questions--when JFK was assassinated, when man first walked on the moon, when the World Trade Center was destroyed.

I was at home, and more than a little nervous. Beautiful wife Sandy, son Lee, and Lee's fiancé Karen were in Europe to visit family in Germany, tour favorite places in Austria, and attend a special birthday party for Karen's mother, Ilse. Fortunately, nothing on their agenda took them to Paris. Nevertheless, as reports continued to appear of threats and discoveries of new terrorist plots my concerns deepened.

As things turned out, I had nothing to worry about. All the travelers said they had a great time renewing acquaintances with favorite people and places while fueled by liberal doses of schnapps and pretzels. Sandy had an unusual fall on an escalator in the Munich airport, but she somewhat miraculously emerged with only bruises and no pains. The only other problems were minor frustrations with needs to modify parts of the travel plan to avoid delays at borders caused by refugees.

Some of the hosts expressed worry about how I was faring as a solo act back home in Michigan. They should have known all was well. One of my responsibilities was caring for Pearl, who emerged
Pearl resting from guard dog duties.
as a fearless sentinel after years as a mere lap dog. When someone or something got too close to our house one night, Pearl routed the intruder with a chorus of strident barking. That may have been a first. Previously, she was known to emit various grunts, snorts, and snores, but never a real bark.

An event in the latter part of the travel scenario caught my attention. Shortly before the travelers started their journey home the U.S. State Department declared a world-wide travel alert. I was relieved when Lee phoned to tell me their 10,000 mile trip was going to end at our front door in about an hour.

Our reunion didn't quite happen on schedule.When the travelers arrived an hour and a half after his call, Lee appeared somewhat shaken. "What happened?'

"I hit a deer out on the highway," he said. The site of the collision was less than a mile from our home.

Years ago, I was a passenger in a sedan that hit a deer. The front end of the car was seriously damaged. A wrecker hauled it away for major repairs. A conservation officer hauled the deer carcass away the next day. There is nothing unusual about seeing dead deer on the sides our highways in southwestern Michigan, especially this time of year when the hunting season is under way and the animals are moving around during the  rut.

I expected really bad news. However, Lee took some evasive actions and the collision was a glancing blow. The deer limped away. The car showed no signs of significant damage.

Although some horrific things have happened in other places, our little family has much to be thankful for this year. We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. . . right on schedule. Best holiday wishes to you and yours.


Rummuser said...

Happy Thanksgiving GG! Today is the anniversary of our own Paris.

Dick Klade said...

The Mumbai attacks were horrible, Ramana. The civilized world must develop coordinated strategies to annihilate the terrorists.

PiedType said...

I'm glad the deer incident was so minor. We had a local story last night that said 6 Coloradans have died this year in collisions with wildlife. Less daylight, animals rutting. Bad time of year.

Anyway, glad everyone got home safely. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, we have so much in common...fearless guard dogs, deer as obstacles,children out there in the wacky world. Too much to worry about here at home. I was happy to see the Macy's Parade in NYC come off with nary a hitch. JFK once said, "I will not live in fear." That's all we can do. Our lives are plenty scary as it is with falls down stairs and monster germs on the loose.

In a way its rediculous to see all these Western world leaders declaring war on a bunch of crazed religious extremists. We've always had crazy religious people and managed to live our lives anyway. I don't like Obama at all, but agree with him IS is the JV team on the world stage. Sneaky, it's true, but so were Copperheads, Anarchists, Communists, and Weather Underground.

On another note, happy to hear all is well with your crew!

joared said...

I can appreciate any anxiety you might have felt with family in Europe during the Paris events. Glad all went well for their trip, deer collisions, and your "batching". Good for the family dog becoming a watch dog!

Kay said...

I'm so glad you had a nice, safe Thanksgiving holiday. I was already back in Hawaii when news of the Paris shooting came out. Our daughter and son-in-law were in Paris the month before to celebrate her 40th birthday. What happened was awful, but for us personally, I was thankful they returned safely and were not there when it happened. It did really shake them up to hear about it since they walked along the places where so much of that horror occurred.