Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Benefit of Age

We often dwell on the negatives of advancing years.  Prime topics are loses of strength, agility, keen eyesight, and memory.  The more-frequent aches and pains, unfortunately, not only hurt us but aggravate others when we feel compelled to complain about them.

Better to lie and respond with the traditional, “Fine,” when someone inquires about the status of our health.

My office--back when it was reasonably tidy.
And maybe we mature adults are just fine if we stop to think deeply about our situations.  For some weeks, I’ve been flogging myself mentally for not cleaning up the mess that has become my previously neat and tidy office.  Yesterday, I decided I should just forgive myself for the sloppiness and live with the litter.

We’ve recently moved away from most of our close friends.  Our only consistent visitors now are considerably younger family members.  They seldom have the temerity to criticize my actions, or lack thereof, at least to my face.

It’s a lot more fun to check out the latest computer game or crossword puzzle or take a walk in the woods than to spend any valuable time dusting, vacuuming, and putting things in order. Manana probably will be a better day for a cleanup project, anyway.

It’s a good thing to be a fully mature adult.


Kay Dennison said...

I wish my desk was as neat as yours!!! I just don't care anymore.

joared said...

I've become a mature adult, too!

Alan G said...

I can certainly relate to your subject post as I probably reflect on the condition of my surroundings within my living space on a weekly basis.

I sometimes look around me and wonder why I have gotten so lazy and don't keep a meticulous house, or office for that matter, anymore. But the wisdom of my old age issues forth its logical conclusion on the matter that having few to no visitors whatsoever logically negates such nonsensical cleaning and organizational efforts.

There have been times when I stare out the window here in my office and notice the obvious build-up of dust layers upon dust layers on my blinds. But again the logic and wisdom of my age leads me to conclude that if I clean these blinds, then I must clean the blinds of the numerous other windows, else these will look quite out of place in my surroundings. Such activity might even provoke some sort of subtle color change throwing off the whole scheme of things.

JHawk23 said...

My computer went on unscheduled vacation last Saturday afternoon and wasn't coaxed back to work until late Tuesday. Absent that distraction, I turned to the mess that I'd been telling myself for years I should clear up from my home workspace - multiple stacks of 15-20 books each, paperwork, unneeded junk. One computerless day was enough to get about 80% of the job done.

Kay said...

Actually, Dick... Your desk is neater than my husband's and on par with mine. I love seeing where you work. That's a beautiful set up you have.

Linda said...

Your desk doesn't look as cluttered as some I have seen. I like your perspective on things. I am 55 and "getting on" as well, but I think our outlook has a lot to do with how we age. Thanks for sharing.