Thursday, May 19, 2011

Modesty, First Class

For about 20 years when we lived in Ogden, Utah, the Geezer regularly played golf on Saturday mornings at the Ben Lomond Golf Club with the “Local Legends.” The Legends were mostly U.S. Forest Service personnel and retirees, but there was some diversity in the membership.

For a time, Richard Jones, a professor at Weber State University, played in the group. Of course, he almost immediately became known as “Dr. J.” What else?

Dr. J. was a big man who appeared to be in excellent condition and could hit golf balls a long way. He soon was asked the obvious question, “Did you play football in college?”

“Yeah, I played for a couple of years at a small West Coast school,” the professor somewhat grudgingly admitted.

Dr. J. continued with a story about one of the toughest games he ever played in when Michigan State badly defeated his team. Spartan coach Duffy Daugherty went directly into the losing team’s locker room after the game and gave a little speech telling the dejected players they should be proud of they way they conducted themselves during the contest. Dr. J. said he had never forgotten that example of goodwill by an opponent and how he was positively affected by it.

What was the “small West Coast school” whose team lost that day with our friend at tackle?



Sightings said...

Hmmm, maybe back then Stanford WAS a small west coast school, not the powerhouse it is today.

Anyway, cute story!

Big John said...

I wonder where he learned to play golf ? ... Augusta ? ;-)

schmidleysscribblins, said...

I don't play golf, so I don't know the names of any of the big players, except Phil Mickelson who is now hawking an arthritis remedy on TV. I think he won the green jacket a year or so ago, but also know he had health issues, arthritis, I suppose.

Ginnie said...

You never know where you're going to learn those lessons ... but luckily he recognized it and has lived by it since then.